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The hunt for the perfect fitting tee ... if you're anything like me, you're picky as hell. Scaling the tee wall at Urban Outfitters, trying on 10 different 'one size' band tees at Brandy Melville (one size ain't cutting it Brandy, just saying), or commenting on rando instagrams 'where'd you get your shirt? love it (heart emoji) receiving no response. ME ME ME to a T lol.

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The perfect tee doesn't really exist in my mind unless it's vintage. I'm talking like, back of my Dad's closet vintage, in the bottom of the bin at Good Will vintage, smells like dirty bar vintage. I swear. Been on the hunt for a good Harley t-shirt for quite some time now. Saw one at a thrift store this past winter and didn't buy it and it's been haunting my life forever. Clearly my boyfriend was listening (he's the bomb) since he got me this bad boy for my birthday. It's from SWEET VINTAGE T SHIRTS on Etsy. Perfect boxy fit and fresh out of the package smelt like the sweat of a badass dude with a gnarly handlebar mustache. Their shop is unreal and the perfect place to get your hands on that amazing tee you've been looking for.

How many times do you think I've said tee in this post? Kind of annoyed with myself ha.

Shop my look below (PS MY JEANS ARE ON SALE!!!!)

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