The amount of compliments I get on an outfit when I'm not wearing solid black or white is ASTOUNDING. The act of wearing color has always given me a little bit of anxiety and although it still does, I've gotten better with it. Example A: This crop top. The bright color wasn't what initially drew me towards it, though.

It's got this crazy crochet/knit/woven detail that makes it feel like a super high quality item. It's somewhat structured and snaps all the way up the back and it pairs nicely with just about everything. I've been throwing it on with my go-to Topshop shorts (patiently waiting for these to go on sale so I can buy them in every wash) and every pair of Levi's I own. Still waiting for an outfit it doesn't look good with. Also I don't need to wear a bra so that's an A++++++ and really matters to me more than anything. Comfort is key.


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