Spent some time in the city last week with my boyfriend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We love staying in hotels, exploring new neighborhoods and eating a lot of good food and what better place to do that than New York City?

I only live 45 minutes from the city and have been visiting since I was a kid but every time I'm there, I feel like when I leave it's never enough. Too many neighborhoods unexplored, plenty of restaurants not tried, cute boutiques undiscovered -- I could spend months just roaming around and getting lost. I guess anyone who loves NYC like me can relate to that feeling. Maybe one day I'll live there, somewhere in the West Village, but I have to hit the lotto first because I want floor to ceiling windows and a big bath tub ;).

Anyway - we stayed at a pretty new hotel called Arlo in Hudson Square. They have another location in NoMad that I'm dying to try now that I've gotten to opportunity to experience the one downtown. The way they have the rooms set up is very modern and practical for a hotel in New York City -- small, compact, but big windows with a cool view and a comfy bed. That's all you really need! Plus my favorite part was the live jazz band at the bar downstairs. I'm a sucker for live jazz or live music of any kind.

We ate at this pizza place on Bleecker St. called Keste which is basically a hole in the wall with 40+ pizza options. You walk in there thinking 'I'll just have a margherita pizza' and then they're like, 'yeah? well, we have 5 different margherita options'. It's pretty much a pizza lovers heaven. So naturally we ate 2 pizzas and then danced all night to the Lumineers at Madison Square Garden. All around great night.

Friday morning we woke up and headed straight to Nolita for some breakfast at Two Hands. This was my second time here and it just keeps getting better. I would eat here 5 times a week. Also, Nolita is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. Plenty of cool graffiti walls for Insta pics, little cafes, boutiques, foot massages (lol) and hipsters.

All in all it was a great time but as stated before, it's never enough for me. I LOVE NEW YORK.

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