bomber + bells

I try pretty hard not to get too involved in fashion trends. I'm not sure what it is, but to me, seeing a trend on everyone being sold everywhere turns me off and makes me hate that particular trend. A great example of this would be the bomber jacket. 

For me, it was way cool when Alexander Wang introduced his net covered take on the bomber in his spring 2016 RTW collection and even cooler when Vetements first brought it to life in their fall 2015 RTW collection (let's be frank, the MA-1 is the OG bomber because it's the one everyone can't have) but every designer and brand remake after that simply ruined the bomber jacket. 

I have always had a cynical mind set towards things like this and should probably lighten up before I have a heart attack prior to age 50 so that's how this post basically came to fruition. Over-done trends leave a bad taste in my mouth but my attitude towards this changed unexpectedly. My sweet boo got me this bomber jacket for Christmas and it's the one item I didn't know my closet needed. I might be on the tail end of this trend and people might be looking at me like 'guuuuuuurll...the bomber is soooo last fall' (it's not) but what's a girl to do? I'm into it. 

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